7 Best on Monday

This week was unlike any other. We were in the land where all dreams come true…Disneyland!  Sometimes, though, the path to our dreams is the exciting part.  I will take today’s Seven Best on Monday from my experiences this week. 
Our trip started with a drive to St. George, Utah where my friend Angie’s parents live.  I love St. George for many reasons.  I love how the city lies in a little valley surrounded by red mountains and that in the middle of this is a beautiful, white oasis—the St. George Temple which was dedicated in 1877.  I love the people who live there – especially Angie’s family.  They always meet me with love and hospitality.  I always feel a wonderful spirit in their home.  Last, but not least, I love the Angie that I see when she his at home with her parents and family.
As you drive from St. George to California, you pass through a small corner of Arizona.  It was an unforgettable experience.  When you see such beauty you understand that there must be a Creator who made it all possible for us.  The road was built through a valley that was made by the Virgin River.  The Virgin River is barely more than a stream now – but over time it has carved an incredible canyon in the rock.  So it is with people – small things done by ordinary people can make a great difference.  
My friend Angie. 
We argue a lot.  We are very different but at the same time quite similar.  I can tell you a few ways that we are different.  She is American and I am Russian.  I love fashion and she will only wear t-shirts and jeans.  I have four kids and she only has two.  I love to shop and she would do just about anything to avoid shopping.  There are ways in which we are very much alike.  We both love Russia.  We both married foreigners – I married a Swede and she married a Russian so our children are all half-Russian.  We are both stubborn and impatient.  We share the same religious beliefs and try to follow them except that we both really dislike the hymn “Love at Home.”  We both love borscht and pel’meni.  Thankfully, even with all of our differences, we are still friends.  I don’t have any pictures of her because she is so stubborn and selfish and never lets me take her picture.  
We spent two days in Disneyland and California Adventure.  I loved everything about it except that I was completely exhausted every day.  Most of all I loved seeing families who came to Disneyland to be together and to get away from all of their normal everyday problems.
On Friday we followed Kristina and Stephanie to Laguna Beach.  It was AWESOME!! There were dolphins swimming just offshore.  The kids played in the ocean until they couldn’t feel their feet.  They buried Kristina in the sand – she was very patient with them.  Stephanie was very beautiful—just as she always is. 
Las Vegas.
Yesterday our Gabriel turned 7 years old.  As I spoke with him and my other children on the telephone, I could tell from their voices that they truly miss me. So this week I am going home and I hope that I will come home with more patience and energy and more of everything a good mother should have.  It is a good thing to be separated from the things and people that you love for a short time. Only then can you clearly see who and what is truly important and how much you should treasure them.  
Best wishes to all of you for a wonderful week!

8 kommentarer:

  1. Tack för att du delade med dig av dina tankar, känslor och erfarenheter. Vi ser fram emot att du kommer hem igen.

  2. какие классные впечатления!!! отличные фотографии! Скучаю по тебе, мой Ленусик!!!

  3. What did you think of Vegas?

  4. Looks like you had tons of fun. I am jealous! (in a good way)

  5. i missed you!
    so funny to her that you and felicia have fun!
    hälsa felix från mig, hihi...
    i love you!
    see you on thursday, hälsa också Anna Angela och gullprinsen!
    hugs and kisses Emelie
    like your blogg <3<3<3<3<3

  6. maria!
    jag saknar dig!
    kommer du tillbaka till sverige?

  7. Jag gillar nummer 5. Och dig :)

  8. Thank you ALL!!!!!
    Ulechka, Las Vegas, chestno govorya, menya ne ostavil v voshishenii, konechno, krasivo, yarko vse; no dlya menya bylo dostatochno proehat' mimo, ne vyhodya iz mashiny... "J


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