do it well. // living in the family

"do it well" - a well-used expression by me. i say it every time my son is sitting with his homework and stressfully trying to get some scrawls on a piece of paper. every time my little daughter makes her bed with persistent attempts to hide anything under the covers, that should not be in the bed, i say: "do it well". 
"do it well", is in my heart each time it is time to praise, to show love and gratitude. "do it well"- thought is allways on my mind when something is expected of me; when i need to take a step higher ...
"do it well"-is really my life style. this way of living and thinking is deeply rooted long before i learned to recognize my mother's smell.
my mother left her parental home as a 16-year old to study at university, with an obvious and clear expectation that she will do her UTMOST BEST in EVERYTHING. her mother, my grandmother, had for many years done her utmost best as mother of three and as a principal of a high school. she was taught by her own mother's example. as she affectionately, wholeheartedly and with great passion took care of her family, after she, her husband (whom she lost in the war after a short time) and their three minor age children were left in the snow, without anything, deep in the Siberian forest. she had allways been not only a survivor, but also an ambitious, strong and "do-it-well"-woman!
i remember my mom's constant, "always do your best". it was rarely expressed in words, but by her proper way to do everything she did. i knew nothing else, except to do, as she did through all those years when we were growing up. 
i believe it's the right way to do-allways do it well!

3 kommentarer:

  1. I simply LoVe it! ))

  2. Jag håller med om det du skriver. Man ska alltid göra sitt bästa i alla situationer. Du har ett utmärkt exempel i din mamma.

  3. Lena, quite a story there about your grandmother. No wonder you are so wonderful, you came of such a strong lot. Your family must be so proud of you.


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