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i think many of us have at some point in life been in a uncomfortable position because of an embarrassing, naive / stupid, or simply intrusive questioner.
we all know how difficult it can be to deal with such situations. once, when i sat in the temple and had a spiritual moment, /my awaited spiritual moment!/ a very curious lady asked me, one after another, inappropriate questions, such type of as: how much you earn at your job? do you live in a house? are your in-laws nice to you? why do you have so many children? ok, there you can just say: i do not really want to talk about "worldly" things in the temple. we can take it later...(and later you just can hide yourself somewhere)
but if such type of questions falls on you, when you are in a public place, surrounded by a lot of strangers? how do you do then?
quite recently, i was a witness to a similar situation. my dear friend, who was recently engaged to be married and happy, showed his cute ring for a couple of friends. another girl came up and directly, without really thinking, asks "how long have you known each other? it is not a hasty decision to marry?" actually, it is pretty funny in some cases, but sometimes you just wonder how someone dare to come up with such type of strange, sometimes completely unacceptable, questions? :)

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  1. отвечаю с не менее неуместным вопросом =))))

  2. Jaa du, man får dumma frågor ibland. Hur många gånger fick jag frågor som "Varför är du singel, du som är så trevlig/söt/duktig"? En del tror att de av någon anledning har rätt att lägga sig i andras liv. Man får försöka låta bli att fästa sig vid dumma frågor, men det kan vara svårt....

  3. Действительно бывают нетактичные люди, которые задают неуместные вопросы. Это всегда было и всегда будет. Hужно проще к этому относиться и не бояться поставить таких людей на место, по-доброму, конечно, без драк. Или еще лучше, как здезды, отвечать: "без комментариев")))

  4. А я загадочно улыбаюсь ... хехе


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