All I Wish is...to Love You on Your way! [part: Emma]

we are extremely different, me and my flower.
i'm emotional and impatient, she can remain calm and be patient in everything.
i'm spontaneous and not practical anywhere! she always thinks before she acts and saves her money for longer than me.
i'm the air and she is the earth.
i can love to do something one day and the other hate it as much! she is loyal and faithful in what she does.
i still do not know what i want to do "when i grow up", she has already written her "life plan" ...

but one thing is certain. i have been given the privilege to be her mother. i know that there are reasons for it. from the moment i held her for the first time, i knew that we have always been close. i was sure that i knew her from the past and that i already loved her in eternity. she is the only child who have been able to read me in my eyes. we need no words, we can just hang together

3 kommentarer:

  1. Emelie prosto krasavica!!! tak prijatno na vas posmotret' moi dorogie!! skuchaju bezumno! A Liska tam smeshno iz-za stola vygljadyvaet:))

  2. Emelie är en så fin flicka! Krama henne från mig :)

  3. Idag tycker jag mycket om texten och fotona. Det är underbart att ha en dotter nära. Ni är speciella båda två. Jag älskar er båda jättemycket. Kram Monika


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