my simple faith.

Today was the last Sunday before Christmas. We had a wonderful sacrament meeting, with the beautiful, spiritual speeches and musical performances. I felt how the Spirit filled my soul and I enjoyed every word and sound... I have a very simple faith. I believe in Christ. I believe in His infinite love for all people. He was born to this Earth to give salvation to every one of us. I feel His love daily and know that He lives! I believe that with limited resources, we can do great things and miracles can happen, if we use our faith and not doubt. I also believe that love is the greatest of all things and "love" is a verb!
(please, take two minutes to see it) 

2 kommentarer:

  1. Ditt enkla vittnesbörd gick rakt in i mitt hjärta!

  2. du har ett bra vittnesbörd om detta!
    älskar dig xxxooo


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