Quiet and Alone.

There is a big difference between feeling lonely and spending time alone.
Today I do the second option. I enjoy spending time ALONE. 
HerrBi took all the kids out to swim, and I chose to be with myself for a few hours. What a pleasant moment! Oh, sweet silence!
I took a quick tour of the house to decide what I would have time to clean, do or fix. I can say that there was A LOT to take care of both in the kitchen, living room and, not least, in the laundry room. I stopped for a brief minute and enjoyed the sun, which filled up my whole kitchen. I thought about how beautiful everything was around me, in my home. Every little corner! Even where it is NOT perfectly clean. 
I love my home and I value my own time.
Instead of rushing from one room to another and clean, I took some photos with my iPhone and then laid down on the floor in the living room and listened to the silence.
Funny how my kids felt sorry for me, when they drove away. They kept telling me that it will be too boring and lonely to stay alone at home. :) Sweethearts!
My kids may not know how to spend time alone with themselves. I think they do not fully understand the difference between being alone and spending time alone. One day they may need to be introduced to the concept :)... Then they'll hopefully understand better why I usually treasure my time alone and choose to stay a little while for myself sometimes.
Have a great weekend <3

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