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"can you help me with the dishes, honey?"- i'm addressing one of my girls, who are sitting cozy on the couch...after a quarter of an hour, i find her on the same couch, but already in another mode, in the sweet sleeping one...
i have been blessed with the three most absolutely gorgeous, funniest and most wonderful girls and a most glorious boy from my dreams!
i never get tired of looking at their shining faces. BUT. there are moments when their faces radiate not only of love and kindness. it is just that way. such a moment was today when i asked one of my girls to do her daily tasks at home. {in our family every child has the responsibility for something at home, it can be anything from throwing trash to water the plants, which we killed a long time ago.} anyway, my sweet little daughter, doing everything always either with constant sighs or not at all. this has always been a "challenge" for me, wich i try to change using ALL possible methods.
how do you handle a kid, who is simply lazy and unmotivated to help around the house?
today i read one of my favorite blogs and found there a super good tips {wich i will undoubtedly use!} how to encourage kids to help with chores. the blog "The NieNie Dialogues" is very inspiring!!!

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  1. Hon är så söt! Jag måste umgås lite mer med henne :)


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