A swim...anyone?...in my living room//Home Making

this is so cool, while crazy, in my opinion:) do not know if i would choose to have a swimming pool in the middle of my living room, but i admire those who dare think beyond the border. bravely!

6 kommentarer:

  1. hahaha! net, ne sovsem :)) ya by, navernoe, nikogda na takoe ne reshilas' :)

  2. It's pretty outside the box and I don't think I'd be brave enough to do it in my own house but it's so YOU - totally fits your style.

  3. If I had this, I'd also have to hire a full-time lifeguard to keep my kids from drowning.

  4. milde tiid! jag ser axel - och vilhelm - svinga sig i den där lianen och INTE komma upp igen.

    have to agree with ulyana..

    hjälp. men ehm fint. :)

  5. knowing my ethan, im scared just looking at it ;)


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