Thank You, dear God // Living in the Family

Lisa, YOUR day is almost over for this year. now you are three! three wonderful years have you been living in this world... you've learned a lot! you have taught me a lot!
I could write all night about the great joy and happiness you brought into my life ... everyone's life ... 
I would like to be able to describe how I feel in my heart when I think of the importance of our decision to give birth to one more child. but I can not, words are not enough. imagine that I perhaps would not have chosen it?! 
today, I just want to say one thing: thank you, dear GOD, that you opened my heart and let me become a mother for the fourth time. THANK YOU!

6 kommentarer:

  1. какая же она сладкая!!!! мамино чудо! люблю вас безгранично!

  2. Какая она красавица!! В маму пошла!!

  3. ot vsej dushi pozdravljaju

    do glubiny dushi zazepila fraza ... that I perhaps would not choose it?! ...
    but You chose it luckily :)

  4. vad söt Lisa är! tack&lov att ni vågade att föda en till liten!

  5. Det är en stor lycka varje gång man fött fram ett barn. Glädjen brukar bli större medan de växer upp. Tyvärr går tiden för fort. Det gäller att ta tillvara alla dyrbara ögonblick.

  6. Jag har världens bästa familj!
    kram emma


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