All I Wish is...to Love You on Your way! [part: Lisa]

lisa is my baby. i told you about my "twinkle twinkle little star" many times before...
she is a little sweetheart of the family. she has a big heart. she makes us laugh all the time and she loves it. she knows that she is visible and important, entertaining and much loved. yes, lisa is our darling.
it is extremely easy to be her mom right now. she never whines, she is positive, funny and smart. i really enjoy our time together, but the thing is that i am NEVER alone. you know, NEVER! we're like siamese twins. she follows my footsteps everywhere, while she talks. she talks. from morning to night. it's wonderful! really.
i know she needs my attention, my response, my commitment, just like my other kiddos. the difference is, i believe, that "spend time" and "talk" are lisa's personal love languages. therefore, we're talking all day long. we hug, dance ... talk; read, play ... talk; draw, sing ... talk. and so it goes. i love you lizzi!
[part "emma" can you read here] xox!

8 kommentarer:

  1. beautiful girls! I love your colors here!

  2. thank you beautiful! I'm a little bit in love with all blue and turquoise nuances right now ... :)

  3. She looks SOOOO much like you! Beautiful!!

  4. какие вы обе красивые!! Лиса и правда так сильно на тебя похожа!!!

    p.s. дорогусик, проверь почту! есть новость:) люблю тебя!

  5. Ura, Ura, URA!!!! nakonec-to!!!!! :)

  6. thank you! i love this sofa :j

  7. wait a minute.... Kathryn?! "Hans is my honey" ... hahaha!! klockrent!


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